If you're looking for PT school cost data...

If you have found your way here looking for some previous posts related to the cost of PT school, I would first like to offer my apologies for not having that content loaded up right now. I have transitioned my personal website/blog away from a squarespace site and to a Hugo site (based on the Academic Theme) as I attempt to push as much of my life into the emacs text editor as possible. In the process, much of what I had originally put together at that old site has started gathering dust in a folder somewhere, waiting to be reformatted and redistributed.

My intention in the coming weeks is to recompile some of that information in order to make it available to people. My primary focus these days involves the switch from life as a clinician working with patients to life as a graduate student assisting with research. Even so, I retain an interest in helping pre-PT students make more informed decisions regarding PT school applications, particularly as it relates to how those choices impact their long-term financial well-being.

Mac Prible, PT, DPT
Graduate Student

My research interests include the role of the trunk during functional activity, motion capture systems, and the clinical applications of technology.