Things you'll need to get started

First things first, here are the parts needed to create a functional skeleton:

Based on current prices, the total kit comes in at just under $200. 

But you'll also need some tools. They include a heat gun ($20.98), a Dremel tool ($85.26 for my model),  drill bits of various sizes ($6.98) and a cigarette lighter. 

I've also found it helpful to have a good workspace which can vent fumes, a fair amount of free time, and a patient wife.

Below are links to the steps as I would suggest doing them:

  1. The Jaw
  2. The Foot
  3. The Lower Leg
  4. The Knee
  5. The Hip and Pelvis
  6. The Upper Cervical Spine
  7. The Spine and Rib Cage
  8. The Shoulder
  9. The Hand
  10. The Elbow and Wrist