PT Earnings Data By Metro Area

[There is an expanded version of the information presented in this post here]

The internet loves discussing new grad salaries. Gregg Todd gives a brass-tacks breakdown of the issues driving PT pay in the outpatient environment, and there is at least one dedicated survey exploring this topic.

While we're likely all familiar with the national numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are some more detailed breakdowns within its Occupational Employment Statistics  and I've included them here. Please note: this data relates to Metropolitan Statistical Areas as of May 2014. It does not encompass all of the the US--just dense populations in and around cities. 

You may be surprised by some of the 10th percentile numbers--I know I was. I suspect (hope?) this data captures part-time workers which may explain why the low end goes so low. I've sent a question regarding this to the BLS for clarification, and if I ever get a response I'll update it here. If any of you with more experience out in the real world can gut-check some of these 10th and 25th percentile numbers, I would appreciate it.

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